NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — MADISON – It’s Friday at 5:30am.

A group of men meet in front of the Madison Town Campus every week.

“Outside, rain or shine, hot or cold,” says Chris Song, leader of this workout session. “This is our Friday beat-down workout, we call it.”

For 45 minutes, these men warm-up then head to the field for intervals of intense reps and running.

“We’ve met in the rain, we’ve met in snow, windy conditions. It’s all about bringing men together so we can not be isolated, so we can connect,” says Song.

This group is called F3 which stands for fitness, fellowship and faith.

“It’s not about religious faith per se but it’s about looking at something that’s bigger than ourselves,” says Song.

The effort – that’s volunteer based and free for participants – started in North Carolina – and is spreading all around the world.

“It was about mostly middle aged guys in their mid 40s trying to reconnect with purpose, reconnect with what they’re doing for their families, friends and workplaces,” says Song.

Lingo is military based. Participants are given nicknames.

One participant, called Maverick is 78 years old.

“It is a hard workout, we’re pushing,” says Song.

“It’s different every week. Somebody different is leading every week, so, you never know what kind of exercises you’re doing. Like today, we played soccer on our hands and knees and it was great,” says Thom Knowlton, also known as Woodman.

As the sun comes-up, the group starts a cool down.

Then, there’s the Circle of Trust, with inspiring words.

“We can leave no man behind,” says Song.

“It’s a lot of fun, good camaraderie with the guys,” says Knowlton.

It’s that and more, promoting a purpose-driven life and a service-oriented mentality.

“So that starts with the brotherhood here then extends to families and beyond,” says Song.

The group also meets Saturday mornings at Madison’s Surf Club. If you’re interested in joining-in, you’re welcome to just show-up.

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