GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — For the last decade, a local man has been showing off the sights of the shoreline from the comfort of a unique transporter.

Rich Petrillo, owner of Shoreline Segway, told News 8 he’s a “history guy, so I like to tell people cool things about our town.” Aside from the beautiful scenery, Petrillo teaches Guilford residents about the town’s history by sightseeing on wheels. These smooth operators are playing “follow the leader” with a purpose.

While operating the Segway looks intimidating, it’s actually pretty intuitive. Petrillo said riders usually catch on right away.

“It’s a fun machine,” Petrillo said. “It’s like a walking tour on fast forward.”

His six mile tour of Guilford begins at a Civil War statue on The Green, which depicts a major battle, and continues through neighborhoods until reaching a marina.

The pandemic was tough on business, but Petrillo is back, serving sightseers ages 14 and up. His oldest rider is in his eighties.

Petrillo loves talking history and is eager to share what makes Guilford special.

Plus, Petrillo has a rhythmic hack if your feet fall asleep a little.

“You keep moving your feet, pretend you’re moonwalking, except down move,” Petrillo said with a laugh.

The journey across Guilford winds down with a stop at the fairgrounds where learning and excitement merge.

Learn more about Shoreline Segway here.

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