WESTPORT – “My story begins even before I was born,” says Rosie Jon, a mom and artist in Westport.

Her mother didn’t know she was expecting when she had a very vivid dream.

“She walked into a room of children and recognized all but one,” she says, noting her great grandmother was there. “And my mom asked her, ‘Who is this child?’ And my great grandmother answered, ‘That’s your daughter’…..my mom woke up from that dream knowing it was a special dream. When I was born without arms, she knew there was a special reason for her to have a daughter like me.”

The experience set the stage for how Jon would approach life as a person with a disability.

“So, I grew-up feeling like I was special that I had a divine purpose,” she says.

At this point in her journey, Jon is finding purpose through painting. She has created art since she was a small child in the UK using her feet.

And when she moved to Connecticut over a decade ago, a friend asked her to paint at a retreat…in front of an audience.

It took courage. It was her calling.

“When I created this painting, I realized my painting had the power to change hearts,” she says, explaining that her work also changes minds. “I can still do the things they do, I just have a different way of doing things.”

“I don’t easily get frustrated…I’m always quick to find a different way,” says Jon. “Also, I’ve learned it’s OK to ask for help, too.”

Jon continues to share her gifts at events in Westport and, most importantly, with kids.

“I get to see the joy that comes out of it,” she says. “I get to see people having a new perspective.”

Coming up Wednesday, find out what propelled Jon to work with children – teaching them about acceptance, kindness and ultimately, love.

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