HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — It wasn’t new for Timur Mason. “I just did a dance on a treadmill to some song, lip syncing badly to it,” he laughed.

But this recent TikTok took off!

“I went to bed, woke up and it had like 2 million views and kept growing from that,” says this 25-year-old.

Now, he’s sharing his amazing story with millions of people…touching hearts, opening eyes.

“I was born in Moscow, Russia,” he said.

He was born with no legs and one arm.

“They say my disabilities are from radiation exposure from Chernobyl,” Mason said, explaining that his biological mother took him to an orphanage. “I have a letter where she says she didn’t want to raise a monster…I don’t have any anger or resentment towards that letter or her, honestly…without her giving me up, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t have the amazing mom I do and the amazing family I have.”

His mom adopted him at 3-years-old and always taught him that independence is everything. Evident, as he takes his dog and loyal companion, Cambridge, out on the streets of Hartford.

“He is the smartest dog ever, he helps me so much,” Mason said of the 2-year-old rescue.

Prosthetics or a motorized wheel chair are not for Mason.

Moving his own way feels free.

“I have two slogans, ‘I can and I will’ and that’s something my mom would always have me say,” he explained.

When his TikTok went viral, this UConn grad realized people are curious and he can answer their questions.

That’s what he does in the gym.

“So many people are like, ‘What’s the point? You have no legs but it works out my heart, works out my blood, gets me pumping,” he said.

The recent attention might mean a new direction for Mason and he’s ready for any challenge.

“You can do anything you set your mind to, always believe in yourself,” he said. “I am on a journey right now and I will let it take me wherever it goes.”

Mason would love to someday become a motivational speaker. In the meantime, he plans to make some TikToks about how he cooks in the kitchen.

Follow him: @timmycripple