MERIDEN, Conn. (WTNH)– When we first met Naaman in January, this little cancer fighter had designed non-slip penguin socks to make patients feel more comfy in the hospital.

But the last three months brought bad news.

“Since then they discovered leukemia cells in his spinal fluid,” says Jake Teitelbaum, founder of Resilience Gives, behind the socks with stories.

“We had to begin immediately with relapse treatment,” says Naaman’s mom, Nicole Johnson. “He was worse health wise this time – more complications, more infections. He’s not walking, he can’t even stand, he’s having tube feedings.”

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At the same time, Teitelbaum was designing the organization’s first gown. So, they enlisted the help of another young penguin-loving cancer warrior named Andre.

Once the gown was done…they sent it to…you guessed it…Naaman.

“I hope you feel better,” Andre tells Naaman in a very sweet video. “Thank you, Andre,” he responds.

“It was really cute to see another little penguin person,” says Johnson.

It’s about brightening the hospital experience. “It’ll make him smile,” says Andre.

“We know a positive attitude can create better health outcomes, so, we’re excited to playing a small role in that,” says Teitelbaum.

It’s also about building connections…supporting others during an incredibly difficult time. Andre has recovered from kidney cancer and is sending his new friend, Naaman, all kinds of prayers.

“It’s the love you receive when you go through the toughest time of your life,” says Andre’s mom, Alexandra Sanders. “So, it’s something very small but I’m happy to be connected to their family.”

Resilience Gives is able to donate socks and gowns to hospitals with proceeds from sales of it’s socks and t-shirts.

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