AVON, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s the same vibe in a fresh setting.

Now, employees at Beanz & Co. are serving up smiles and good food at a brand-new location in Avon that does not disappoint.

“It’s a lot bigger, more vibrant, it’s the best here,” said 28-year-old Nick Sinacori. He has been working at the popular eatery that employs those of all abilities for five years.

“It’s been excellent, better than we anticipated. Certainly a lot of work and effort to get here,” said co-owner Noelle Alix.

Several months ago, Alix and co-owner Kim Morrison were informed their lease was up and they had to move. They created Beanz to provide work for their daughters who have Down syndrome. However, over the years the restaurant has employed dozens of people with special needs.

After finding a new, amazing space, they chose to look at this surprise as an opportunity.

“When we walked in here, the vision was right there, it was spontaneous, I could see it laid out,” says Morrison. “It’s very familiar for people. They walk in and still feel that big hug like they did before.”

The bigger footprint has enabled the team to hire even more employees who get job training and earn paychecks.

Sinacori works most days, each week.

“We’re like family,” he said.

The new restaurant includes a nook, dedicated to veterans.

“We have a plaque up there for them, they are here every Monday and Thursday,” said Morrison.

There’s also an area for the New England Pasta Company.

“We go together, we’re like peanut butter and jelly, we all came together,” explained Morrison.

Now, “everyone belongs” here on East Main Street, a busy spot beloved by the community for the food and, more importantly, for the mission.

“It’s pretty wonderful. Going into the holidays, we’re going in with a new renewed spirit for everything we do here at Beanz,” said Alix.

“It’s the best. Come out and visit, Everyone,” said Sinacori.

Special events – like open mic nights – are currently being planned at the new Beanz & Co.

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