SOUTHINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — “Who wants to go on a stroll?” Addie Padua, an employee at Bradley Mountain Farm, said.

It’s an invitation you almost can’t resist.

Two year old Elijah is game!

“He’s also a yoga goat, he can jump on people’s backs, he can do tricks, he’s really talented,” Padua said.

The Goat Strolls take place around the beautiful farm….in pastures…and through a wooded trail past Crescent Lake.

“We have two paired eagles, male and female, we see them in the morning fly over and they’re so beautiful,” Padua said.

The outdoor activity became very popular during the pandemic, which touched farm owner Anneliese Dadras’ heart.

“I was humbled. People came during the pandemic and said, ‘I haven’t hugged anybody for months,’ and they got to cuddle a goat or a baby goat,” she said.

She bought the farm a few years ago with the intention of sharing it.

“We have the goat cam we started during the pandemic,” she said. “We realized nursing homes had the goat cam on, schools had the goat cam on.”

And there are tons of events for the public – who can visit and make a goat milk soap.

“We have strolls that are a half hour, full moon hike, we also have cuddles and snuggles,” Dadras explained.

Cuddles and snuggles could happen…with a teeny tiny little baby goat.

“They love to be hugged and rocked just like little human babies,” Dadras said.

It’s all about connection…the power of touch…the magic of animals.

“The babies, it’s the start of the season, but also the start of a new life and new life is just really fun and exciting to see,” Dadras said.

Head to the farm to for the goat events; they also routinely visit Lyman Orchards and will be there this coming weekend.

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