MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – “Alright guys, I want to welcome you to Pedal Cruise, this is going to be an amazing time,” said Colin Caplan, co-owner of a brand new adventure on the Connecticut Coast.

It’s a floating celebration, one that you’re invited to.

“This is our boat, Pier Pressure,” he said. “We’re here in the Milford Harbor, we’re heading into Long Island Sound.”

Welcome to the state’s only pedal-powered party boat. It’s part exercise, part sightseeing, and a whole lot of fun.

“You get a leg workout yeah we wanted to make sure you got eh gym in today,” said Caplan. “We’re about to see Charles Island, Silver Sands, and Fort Trumbull Beach.”

“Bring your own drinks, you can bring your own food, we have coolers,” he added.

The pontoon boat – which comes from Florida – is brand new to these waters.

“We’re trying to provide a really good time in a really beautiful place because, guess what, Connecticut is beautiful, it’s gorgeous, you’re passing by a lot of marinas, so you’re seeing yachts sailboats,” said Caplan, noting that this is his latest adventure.

The founder of Taste of New Haven food tours and the Elm City Party Bike is now eager to give folks a summer gift.

“There’s a lot of response. Connecticut people really want access to the water and it’s something I’m proud to say anyone can buy a ticket and get on this boat,” he explained.

And, anyone can try their hand at captaining it.

“We let people drive, it’s all in good fun,” said co-owner Rob Paul, as he points out the pedal-powered paddle wheel. “It gives it a great charm. It looks amazing from afar and the sound is awesome, it’s just a great feel.”

And while you don’t have to pedal, it certainly helps!

“It really does power the boat when people pedal – you can get about 2 knots faster because of it,” said Paul.

You can either book your own ride or sign-up for an existing one.

But, an important note, if you bring a child under the age of 12, you need to bring a life preserver.

“You get to see marshes, the bird life is amazing,” said Caplan.

Be the life of the party, in the heart of coastal bliss.

Sit back and relax but don’t forget to flex those feet!

“This is all about being seen and seeing, pedaling,” said Caplan. “It’s going to be a great summer, yeah.”

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