STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Pick up a paddle, take a lesson or smash the ball like a pro at a brand-new active destination in Stamford.

“We are at Pickleball America, the largest indoor pickleball venue in the United States,” explains founding partner Mia Schipani.

With thirteen courts and fourteen more on the way, Pickleball America is part of the re-imagining of the Town Center Mall.

Signs for the old Saks Fifth Avenue remain in parts of the new center which sports a chic industrial vibe and spots for kids, families and special occasions.

“Corn hole, ping point, Connect 4,” says Schipani, pointing out special spots surrounding the courts.

She says the space is meeting the growing demands of players of the sport which has exploded in popularity in recent years.

“They’re getting kicked-off courts, getting kicked out of neighborhoods because of the noise, kicked-off town courts because they don’t live there,” says Schipani.

“I’ve got to get the Pickleball out of my system, now I have a place to go,” says Harold Orlow of Stamford who has been playing for a year and a half. He loves the camaraderie and flexibility.

“With Pickleball, most places, it’s open play, you just show up,” he says.

And here, anyone can drop in and try this relatively easy activity.

“The skill level is lower than the other racquet sports because the nature of the ball and paddle, it’s easier to get the ball over and less strain on your arm,” says Steve O’Connell, Director of Racquets at Pickleball America.

Borrow a paddle or jump into a game without a partner at this full-service center that’s all about fun.

“If you drop by here you’ll probably grab a paddle and just start playing,” smiles Schipani.

Interesting to note: the center is called “a flex space”. The nets can be taken out and the large room can be used for any kind of event.

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