WESTPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — School assemblies are always exciting – especially when dogs are in attendance. Piglet, a deaf, blind pink puppy, has a story that inspires.

“Yeah he’s adorable,” Olive Zinzi, a 9-year-old at Saugatuck Elementary School in Westport, said.

“Piglet is a joyful dog and the way he approaches this life is in a very happy positive way,” Melissa Shapiro, a veterinarian and mom to seven dogs, said.

Shapiro adopted the Dachshund-Chihuahua mix when others thought he wouldn’t make it. With lots of work and love, he’s thrived, learning commands through touch.

“The tap commands surprised me the most,” Alex O’Brien, 9, said.

Piglet – now 5-years-old – became a social media sensation.

“The notes that we get from people saying I wake up every morning waiting for Piglet to give me motivation,” Shapiro said.

He also became a teaching model. Shapiro launched the Piglet Mindset Program online and is now taking it on the road to places like Saugatuck Elementary School.

“We talked about perseverance,” fourth grade teacher Emily Morales said. “Really talked about the idea of steering away from the fixed mindset to a growth mindset of, ‘I may not understand this now but I will.'”

Students like Olive learned a lot.

“That’s so like, amazing how he knows where to walk, and he senses how he can smell people,” she said with excitement.

Shapiro had such success with an adult book about Piglet, that she is soon releasing one for kids.

“I can’t wait to see what people think – I can’t wait to see kids reading it,” she said.

Piglet’s message of strength will continue to spread as he opens eyes and warms hearts.

“It’s like, joyful – he has such a great mindset that it’s encouraging to people,” Olive said.

The children’s book hits stores shelves and online outlets on June 7.