Plan a fall outing for the family aboard Cross Sound Ferry’s lighthouse cruise

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NEW LONDON – Head down the Thames River for an enlightening trip that’s all about being fast and curious! “This is the Lights and Sights tour,” says Stan Mickus of Cross Sound Ferry.

When the ferry’s high speed vessel isn’t shuttling passengers to Long Island, it’s utilized for two tours. Lights & Sights shows off nine beacons. “The nature of the vessel allows us to be able to get all those lighthouses and other historic points in within two hours,” says Mickus.

We see the New London Ledge Lighthouse before we get an incredible view of a submarine. Then we cruise by North Dumpling Island, owned by inventor Dean Kamen. “The people in North Dumpling are called Dumplonians,” says narrator and local artist Steve Cryan who knows these waters well. “At this point of the cruise, we can see three states in the union.”

Elusive Fisher’s Island in New York to Watch Hill in Rhode Island, home to an icon. “Singer songwriter Taylor Swift – that’s her house on the rock pile up there,” says Cryan, pointing out the celebrity’s neighbor, the legendary Ocean House.

“I live in New London – this is my third time on the trip so it’s very enjoyable,” says passenger Emmanuel Voltaire. “There’s always something you didn’t see before.”

Race Rock is a particularly stunning lighthouse, but it’s on a dangerous set of rocks actually the site of multiple shipwrecks. So, this tour, aboard a big, secure ferry provides a somewhat rare, up close view of this beautiful beacon.

“The boat is very nimble we can get up close, make a complete 360 spin, everyone gets ample opportunity to photograph and see these lighthouses.” says Mickus, noting that tours run through the end of October. “As we get into the fall, you’ll be able to see changing foliage along the coastlines – it’s a whole different perspective.”

So relax and learn. “I loved it, it was really awesome to learn about all the lighthouses up here – I love all the history in New England,” says passenger Anna Robillard.

Also, appreciate the lighthouses showcasing architecture of the sea. “They’re a unique part of our maritime history,” says Mickus. “It’s a beautiful trip.”

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