PLYMOUTH, Conn. (WTNH) — We first met Kayla Ireland at Little Britches Therapeutic Riding Center in Roxbury where she showed us how she rides horses and speaks using a tablet.

“Lucy replaces my wheelchair, braces and walker with her movements and magic,” she said, explaining her important work with her horse.

Now Ireland — a 23-year-old with Spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy and epilepsy — is embarking on a new adventure, as host of a talk show, even though communication has been one of her biggest hurdles.

“I overcome each challenge without giving up a fight,” she said.

The YouTube show is called The Inside Scoop of Living with Cerebral Palsy. It also involves Catrina James, a 46-year-old mom from New Milford and Marci Silver, a speech pathologist based in New York City.

“I’ve had other people reach out and say, ‘Hey, my brother has CP and this was super helpful,'” Silver said.

Ireland said the show’s primary purpose is to raise awareness through interviews with professionals who are involved in evaluate and treatment, along with guests who live with the diagnosis.

Along with their guests, the panel discusses the similarities and differences folks face who the same diagnosis.

“All three of us are having a blast with this,” Ireland said. “The reason I suggested the title is because this diagnosis does not stop us from living a fun and fulfilling life.”

Ireland is taking classes at Tunxis Community College and is planning to contribute to a book about living with cerebral palsy, along with James.

“What I love about these two is that they don’t focus on the disability, they focus on their abilities and how able they are,” Silver said.

World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day is Oct. 5.