WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — If you’re looking for a challenge, a goal, or a thrill, this Wallingford hot spot is the place to be.

“This is Rock Spot Climbing in Wallingford, also known as Prime Climb,” said Assistant Manager Matt Roscetti.

Scaling a wall combines mental concentration with physical endurance. Each course in this rock-climbing park is rated for difficulty.

“Our philosophy is all ages, all abilities,” said Roscetti.

Recently, the indoor rock climbing gym installed automatic systems for beginners, like 6-year-old Callie, who scrambles up the wall like nobody’s business. But, not everyone is Callie!

“We see a lot of people come in here to overcome a fear of heights,” explained Roscetti. “They’ll go up 5 feet, 6 feet then 10 feet and work their way up.”

Some folks use the balay system. That’s when another person holds the rope you’re attached to. When climbing a wall, Roscetti advised folks to not do a pull-up.

Instead, really push those legs.

“it’s kind of like climbing a ladder,” he said.

This is truly a New England business. There are three Rock Spot gyms in Massachusetts, three in Rhode Island, and one is in Wallingford, Connecticut.

For some, this is a very serious sport.

“It’s not quite a New Year’s resolution but I’m turning 50 and heading to the Alps to do some climbing this summer. So, I’m here to exercise and meet some climbers,” said David Reitz of New Haven.

You won’t get bored in this gym, that’s for sure.

“This type of exercise is working my core, I don’t like to work my core but you have to do it when you’re climbing,” said Reitz.

And the best part is, you don’t need a reservation, anyone can just walk in. It is helpful, however, to fill out a waiver ahead of time.

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