(WTNH) — St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has created a free, downloadable coloring book meant to engage kids in learning about the coronavirus in a fun way with no fear.

“The team in psycho-social services at St. Jude really wanted to create a resource for kids to just explain the changes going on right now,” says Emily VanGilder who illustrated the book.

“We created the coronavirus as a character and wanted to make him more mischievous rather than villainous,” VanGilder added. “It walks through hand washing and social distancing and how the virus travels.”

The experts at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital realize kids learn best through play and creativity. There are also more scientific resources for older kids.

“Crossword puzzles, coloring pages, as well, which describe the coronavirus in more detail, the parts of the virus,” says VanGilder.

It’s all about helping families get through this tough time: “It really is a great tool and we hope it just really evokes conversation between parents and kids.”

Click here for the coloring book which has gotten a great response.

In fact, it’s currently being translates into 13 languages and shares throughout the world.

Check out this link for more family resources from St. Jude.