MIDDLEFIELD, Conn (WTNH) – “We noticed last year, Covid really brought people outside,” says Mike Kurys, Director of Operations at Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort.

So, if you build it, they will come. That’s been the reality at the ski area.

“We’ve got activities for everyone, whether it’s snow play, tubing, skiing, boarding, whatever,” he says, noting there are also amenities that provide the private space families are looking for. “We offer igloos for the restaurant, you and your family can rent your own private bubble…the gazebos have been very popular, especially on the weekends. Just like lift tickets, everything is very busy on the weekends.”

And, as day turns into night, we turn to the activity that’s grown the most.

“This year, tubing really expanded. We’ve got twice the amount of lanes that we’ve ever had, the music is very loud and the lights are obnoxious,” says Kurys.

But, is it fast??

“I guess we’ll find out!” he says with a smile.

After getting a helmet, participants head to the magic carpet, providing a smooth ride to the top of a really big slope.

With a daunting view, the journey begins!

Here’s some advice – keep the back-side tucked-up! Commit to just letting go and have a good time.

And, yeah, it’s pretty speedy!

“Super fast, super fast,” says Jemma Billy of New Britain.

Tubing is extremely popular. Book tickets online in advance.

“Just taking them out, having a good time, during Covid season, trying to do something different you know?” says Ben Billy, referring to his daughter and family. “Instead of being in the house, trying to take her out.”

Relax those muscles and the vocal cords…embrace winter and all it’s gifts!

“We are right in the center of the state,” says Kurys. “I-91 is always salted and plowed, so, come on over!”