MORRIS, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s complicated and labor intensive. But still, there’s always a merry effort to put the shine on the season with holiday lights.

“Plan out the connections. We cut the wire splice the wire,” said Zack Hellwinkle about putting holiday lights on a house. “Put male and female connectors on it and stuff.”

It’s all courtesy of ZAB Services LLC, which stands for Zack, Andrew, and Ben.

They are all seventeen-year-old entrepreneurs, creating a buzz with their work ethic and talent.

“We saw it on TikTok, like ideas for young entrepreneurs. I sent it to the two of them and we decided to go with it,” said Andrew Greene.

“For the past two months it’s been good,” said Ben Shea.

The three seniors at Nonnewaug High School have strung the lights at 25 houses. The average cost? About $1,500 a job.

Let’s just say, the teens are happy with their proceeds!

“Because having this money at a young age, we can have fun, and sometimes you can’t have this much fun when you’re older with the money,” said Hellwinkle.

It’s an interesting way to look at it!

“We have a ladder, honestly without the ladder we wouldn’t be anything,” noted Hellwinkle, clarifying that it’s him that has to use it. Many ask him, is it scary?

“Sometimes it’s a little shaky, a little scary but you do what you gotta do to get the job done,” he answered.

But, here’s the big question: have there been any Clark Griswold moments?

“Couple times we’ll do like 50 bulbs then the whole strand will fall,” said Hellwinkle.

“Sometimes there’s one bulb we didn’t screw in tight enough or too tight so we have to go up and fix that one bulb at the end,” added Shea.

Not too bad!

Their parents are proud, they’ve got money in their pockets and they make folks smile. Put it together, it’s a holiday win.

“It looks good after and just spreads the holiday spirit and we like that,” stated Hellwinkle.

ZAB Services will be working right up to the big day and are planning to branch out into power washing homes and other jobs in the spring.

You can contact ZAB services at (203) 572-4473.