ANDOVER, Conn. — “It was very emotional. The day itself was amazing because Peter was so present,” Lisa Marshall said of the vow renewal that went viral almost exactly one year ago. The Marshall’s journey through early-onset Alzheimer’s disease took a new turn.

“The outpouring of support and love from the world was overwhelming,” she said.

It made Lisa realize how many people are touched by the devastating disease, diagnosed in her husband in 2018 when he was just 53-years-old.

The decline was fast; Peter died this past December.

“In the beginning you’re devastated – it’s so raw and so painful,” said Lisa, who turned to her blog – Oh Hello Alzheimer’s – sharing the complicated feelings of what it’s like to go from being a busy caregiver – to being alone.

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“I could just get in my car and drive away, it was traumatic almost, but freeing at the same time,” she explained. “The days are getting lighter, I feel a little freer, I’m getting reacquainted with myself, too. I forgot who I was before all this.”

Lisa is also writing a book filled with tips for struggling families, touching on difficult topics, not often discussed.

“What do you do about incontinence, what do you do about combativeness and aggression,” she said.

This mother and grandmother are being honored by the Connecticut Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association at a gala in mid-May.

“I’m overwhelmed and so humbled,” Lisa said.

Raising awareness about brain health and early detection – along with supporting caregivers – remains her life’s mission.

“They’re so hungry for hope, ‘What’s on the other side of this?’ Because it’s so horrific,” she said. “There is hope on the other side.”

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Lisa works with passion, fueled by her husband’s smile and their beautiful love story.

She won’t rest until there’s a cure.

“‘What would Peter want, what would peter do?’ I’m always asking myself that,” she said. “My daughter said to me, ‘Mom, Peter would be so proud,’ and I think he would be.”

Marshall is writing her book now and nd hopes to release it by the end of the year.

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