MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) – “We had been chosen to go to the show,” 73-year-old Linda Larson said.

She and 86-year-old Janice Spencer were recently treated to an incredible day.

A ride in a limo to see Christmas in Connecticut at The Goodspeed, accompanied by a special lunch.

“Well, I enjoyed it. Things I’ve never done in my life, so I was very happy,” Spencer said.

“It started off in a scene in New York and then they traveled down to have Christmas in Connecticut, and they had it on a farm,” said Larson of the show.

This wonderful treat was courtesy of the Twilight Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to seniors.

“There’s three kinds of wishes we grant. There’s need wishes, things that people can’t afford like hearing aids and lift chairs,” said Andrea Hoisl, director of the Twilight Wish Connecticut chapter.

There are also wishes about seeing family and partaking in fun.

“They enjoy the musical entertainers that come, and I don’t think there’s one song Janice doesn’t know,” said Belinda Fluker, the director of the recreation at Wadsworth Glen Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, a skilled nursing facility in Middletown.

Fluker nominated Larson and Spencer to receive their theatrical wish.

“I was just fun watching their faces,” Fluker said.

“They’re really an under-served population, our seniors,” Hoisl added.

The foundation feels it’s important to honor the elderly population’s wisdom, to keep them engaged and celebrated.

“Your life’s not over; you can still go out and do things,” Fluker said. “That’s my thing; I just want them to keep enjoying life.”

For Spencer and Larson, this gesture went a long way.

“Oh, special! I felt so great; you have no idea,” Larson said.

The process of nominating someone is simple. Click here to fill out an application. Or, check out the Twilight Wish Foundation Connecticut chapter’s Facebook page.

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