WESTON – “As you know, parenting is the most challenging job there is,” says Randi Olin of Weston.

So, Motherwell, an online magazine, was born in 2016.

It features thoughtful essays, ranging from fertility to mental health issues, and pieces that have cultural hooks as well.

“Something like teens watching “Bridgerton” with their moms and being embarrassed by it,” she says.

And the founders are collaborating in a unique way, from across the globe. Rando Olin lives in Connecticut, while Lauren Apfel resides in Glasgow, Scotland.

Working from home, over Zoom and email, has been their norm.

“I think it definitely brings two perspectives to the table – we aim to have a worldwide reach,” says Apfel. “We’ve always thrived this way, so it’s kind of nice to see everyone catching up.”

Speaking of the pandemic, they stepped up content in the last year to appeal to parents’ changing needs.

“A lot of people are not only home with their kids, but constantly online, getting to the end of their wits about what they’re doing, trying to balance everything,” says Apfel. “Work-life balance has also been an issue for parents, and now it’s under the magnifying glass.”

“I think it’s really important to connect people with each other because sometimes, as we know, the parenting experience can feel very lonely,” says Olin.

One is a mother of two with an empty nest, and the other is a single mom of four kids who co-parents, sharing their mission online where 3,000 miles is irrelevant.

“When you feel like you’ve touched somebody or made somebody feel like their experience is universal or not so weird or not so alone – it’s the best possible thing,” says Apfel.

In just a few weeks, the online magazine will feature a new platform that’s all about books, giving moms and dads a comprehensive resource during these challenging times.