(WTNH) — “It started as, ‘Oh, let’s take a steam engine, put it in space then see what happens,” says 16-year-old Anthony Olmo of his fantastical idea that set a fantastical story in motion.

But, this Norwalk teen didn’t work alone.

Willow Wren, also 16, said, “Our mothers were friends before we were born. We lost touch for a few years and we actually re-met at my eighth-grade dance and we just got to talking and The Dauntless Chronicles was born.”

Two years ago, when they were only 14, Olmo and Wren got together to write the young adult sci-fi novel, told from a young person’s perspective, a person from another place.

“The Dauntless Chronicles is 100 years in the future, it’s on a different planet, in a different solar system and the three main characters end up getting caught in the middle of a coup,” says Wren of Greenwich.

The character escapes, crash lands on Earth and sees our world with fresh eyes.

“Rather than humans going to space, and being like, ‘Ooh this is a new planet, I wonder what’s here,’ it’s them coming to us, it’s what they see,” says Wren.

And now it’s a number one international best seller on Amazon.

Wren and Olmo credit a savvy PR team that includes parents and friends.

They are working on book two and a possible television series.

“We’re pitching Hollywood,” says Wren. “We have producers looking at the manuscript of the first book and we’re excited, we’re ready.”

They’re teens who like outdoor sports and music, as well as intergalactic journeys, taking them on quite the adventure.