WESTPORT, Conn, (WTNH) In Westport, a small group of teens is lending a hand to help senior citizens.

“I’ve just been running errands for elderly people who can’t get out due to the coronavirus pandemic,” said 16-year-old Ty Chung, a junior at Staples High School. “Someone will email us, saying, ‘Hey, we have an errand for you.”

“So, lately we’ve been grabbing groceries from Stop & Shop or Whole Foods around here, but we’re willing to do any kind of errand they don’t feel safe about right now,” added 17-year-old Eduardo Andrade, also a junior at Staples.

The teens keep their distance during deliveries, but they’re still met with real warmth.

“The first trip I did a week ago, it was special,” said Andrade. “It was the first one, which was cool, and the lady was so kind.”

Teens, in general, are experiencing feelings of loss, loss of routine, activities and social interaction.

“The whole social distancing thing is really getting to me now,” said Chung. “At first, I was like, ‘Oh, it’s just a break. Maybe I won’t see people for a few weeks,’ but now there’s talk of it being over a month long.”

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But these good deeds are proving to be a productive distraction.

“I think this definitely makes up for it a little bit because I feel like I’m doing good things at least and it takes up some time in the day,” said Andrade.

Do you know a senior citizen who needs help? Contact these teens by emailing guyshelping@gmail.com.