Why parents shouldn’t ‘over-share’ their growing child’s pictures

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Can mom and dad reveal too much?  Some kids say their parents are over-sharing on social media and it’s interfering with their relationship.

From first steps to graduations, parents love to post about their kids on social media but some parents are facing backlash from their own children after over-sharing.

“To be honest, I was very upset,” says 14-year-old Lillian Durben, who asked her mom not to post any photos of her without permission but her mother, Kate, admits she just couldn’t resist.

“I knew she didn’t want me to share them.  I justified it by saying, ‘It’s fine, it’s a cute picture.  Why wouldn’t she want me to share it?’ She looked cute but that isn’t the issue, is it?” says Kate.

“It really wasn’t the picture I was upset about, mostly it was just because I asked you not to post my photo,” explains Lillian to her mom.  “I just was hurt after I clearly didn’t’ want her to.”

All of the photos used for this piece were approved by Lillian for us to use.  Mom Kate has since pulled down the photos in question and they’ve been deleted.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently finding herself in muddy waters – posting an image with her daughter, Apple, who quickly scolded her, “Mom we have discussed this. You may not post anything without my consent.”

“This is a huge issue.  We’re all on social media and all of our kids are on social media.  So, we’re now going to have to navigate the parental, child relationship in the realm of social media,” says Jodi Gold, child and adolescent psychologist, who says parents of middle schoolers and above should get consent from their kids before posting and warns that when your kids are too young to care, use discretion. 

“The baby pictures are lovely and the naked pictures in the bathroom are really cute, but will the 20 or 25-year-old children really appreciate them?  Probably not….parenting 101 is about keeping the dialogue open, as long as your kids are talking to you, you’re doing a good job as a parent. It is very dangerous if you start posting about what’s going on with you and your child because you will shut down that dialogue immediately and you will lose your child’s trust.”

New rules for a new age.

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