NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — “I started collecting rocks when I was as young as I can remember,” said geochemist Ethan Baxter, a father of two.

This love propelled him to bring his love of rocks into elementary school classrooms when he wasn’t teaching young adults as a professor at Boston College. But the pandemic forced his presentations to YouTube.

“It was just me, my laptop, and a bunch of rocks,” he explained. “It was way more popular than I anticipated.”

Now, this Yale University grad is launching season three of “Every Rock Has A Story”, taking his show on the road to places like Yellowstone National Park and even the Grand Canyon, with a new look and an important mission.

“The sciences aren’t as diverse as they need to be, in particular, the geosciences,” said Baxter. “Our literature has demonstrated it’s the least diverse of all the sciences.”

Since season two, Baxter has included diverse co-hosts to share their perspectives and their experiences.

“Certainly as a woman in science, this is something I feel quite strongly about,” said Dr. Maureen Long, a seismologist from Yale University, who participated in an episode dropping on September 8.

“We visited a seismic station that I have deployed right now out in Shelburne, Massachusetts then we hikes through the woods to find a specific seismic formation,” she said.

The show is a celebration of these aggregates of minerals that share information about important topics we talk about every day.

“Climate change, resource depletion,” said Baxter.

It’s also about modeling for kids and inspiring their futures.

“It’s a really important thing for the field, so, I’m so excited to be a part of it,” said Long.

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