Motivational speaker and life coach Althea Bates helps you creat intentions and purpose in life.

Work on structure.
We must be clear on out priorities. Everyone is different. We can put systems and structures and processes in place, which takes time. (I.e. set up automation, email responses, create templates, online diaries, etc.)
Work on your mindset.
Alll the pressure we feel to respond quickly and be liked is set within us from many years ago. Think about what messages you were given at an early age. 
We cannot change the mind of others. But we can change our minds about our belief systems
Ideas you do not execute do not exist.
Ideas are just thoughts. Content is just ideas on paper or a site. The only distinction is what you do, execute, and deliver. Everything else is vapor ware. 
Listen to others but only trust your gut.
Success is entirely about making good decisions. Information may be power, but these days Everyone has access to the same information, so playing field is level. It helps to surround yourself with the best people, but in the end, trust your gut.