As we wrap up our Cyber Safety Week, we meet the mom and daughter team fighting low self esteem. Maria and Alexa Fuller launched The Empowered Girl App designed to teach personal development while providing inspiration. News 8’s Alyssa Taglia shows us how the app works.

“I think that my message to young girls is that you’re amazing and you have so much potential inside of you,” Maria Fuller. 

Maria, a mom to two girls named Alexa and Ariya, transformed the lessons that she wants to instill within her daughters and turned them into a social community called, The Empowered Girl App

“What we want is for when they get on technology for it to be something that is impacting them in a positive way. That makes them feel good, makes them feel fulfilled.”

In a world full of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

“It’s not that they’re following the wrong person its that they don’t know who to follow.”

Due to that, it was important for Maria to create a social platform geared to introducing young girls to positive female role models.

“We’re introducing them to 9-year-old girls who have non-profits and are going out there and using their voices and girls that are challenging norms.”

In the app, girls can play educational games and quizzes, learn bullet journalling to set goals and learn time management, or even print out drawing exercises. But for 9-year-old Alexa on what she loves the most, “My favorite part of the app is the inspiring stories about other girls and I like to learn about what people are doing to become a better person,” Alexa Fuller. 

“Children learn best by the behavior that is modeled to them,” Maria. 

Gratitude, mindfulness, purpose, mindset, relationships and humanitarianism, are the six tenets the app focuses on to encourage young girls to be trailblazers full of self care and self love, which is something Maria believes young girls, like Jillian, lack.

Maria: What are some areas you lack confidence in?

Jillian: My bathing suit, two piece at the beach.

Maria Fuller: Why?

Jillian: Because I don’t have a normal body like other girls

Maria Fuller: So who defines normal?

Jillian : I don’t know. Oh my gosh.

The ultimate goal  is to teach young girls to be more confident and that being a role model can also mean just being yourself.