Dr. Patty Ann Tublin answers questions on careers and back to school budgets


(WTNH) — Relationship Expert Dr. Patty Ann Tublin answers your questions on careers and back to school budgets for her Tuesday.

Jerry from Hartford:

“I work in a pretty big division of my company.  I’m having difficulty getting my bosses’ attention – which I know is critical if I want to get promoted.  Can you give me some ideas on how I can get my bosses’ attention?”

Dr. Patty Ann:

Jerry, you are correct. If you want to get ahead and get promoted you will need to get your boss’ attention.  Here are some ways to do that:

1. Outperform expectations and take initiative.

2. ALWAYS go the extra mile – go above and beyond

3. Be the consummate team player.  

4. Be a thought leader

Joanne from New Milford:

“My two school-aged kids want me to buy them all new  everything for school – clothes, sneakers, book bags etc. Our back to school budget just doesn’t call for spending that much money. Should I spend more money on what my husband and I budgeted for for back-to-school shopping – to make my kids happy?”

Dr. Patty Ann:

Joanne, the short answer to your question is a resounding no – you should not change your back to school budget to accommodate your kids wants.

1. Use this as an opportunity to discuss wants vs needs

2. Discuss you can’t get everything you want in life

3. Offer the option of cost-sharing some items, if appropriate 

Send your questions to Dr. Patty Ann Tublin on Twitter: @drpattyann for the chance for her to answer them on Good Morning Connecticut at 9!

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