BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) — News 8’s meteorologist Gil Simmons paid a visit to Bristol Central High School on Friday for the last stop on his Education Express Tour.

Principal Peter Wininger, who has been in charge of the school for 12 years, said the school has a wide variety of programs and activities throughout the school and “everybody takes great pride in what we do.”

“Wherever we’re successful, everybody shares in that success and really gets behind the student athletes, the performers, the students and teachers, everyone,” Wininger said.

Bristol Central is highlighting the championship boys and girls track team, Latin scholars, the valedictorian, state championship basketball team, para Educator of the Year, and unified sports and theatre students.

The boys and girls track team is ready to be back following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bristol Central High Latin students recently took the national Latin exam and state Latin exam, where 31 students placed nationally and 26 placed in the state. The teacher explained that they’re “quite an enthusiastic group of students” ranging in different Latin levels. One student said that Latin is the best class you could ever take.

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One of the students on the basketball team, Donovan Clingan, is 7″2. He’s been named the Gatorade Player of the Year for the second consecutive year and is headed to the University of Connecticut this fall.

The team is 28-0 and went on to win the state championship. Over the past two years, the team won 45 straight games.

Tim Barrette, head coach, said he couldn’t be prouder.

“Great group of guys who work hard every day,” Barrette said of the team. “That’s everything I could ask for as a coach.”

The Rambassadors, a program for seniors to connect with freshman and connect them to the school, aims to help new students feel welcome. They run freshman orientation and are with freshman every day in the morning.

“When I was a freshman, we still had this program,” one student, Carter, said. “I felt more welcomed and that I belonged to this Ramily that we have. I just felt this sense of welcomeness.”

Bristol High’s valedictorian, who is heading to Dartmouth College in the fall, is fully involved at Bristol High, participating in the tennis team, swim team, band, math team, and a volunteer organization.

Edith Saucier, who has worked at Bristol Central for 24 years, was just named the Bristol Public Schools Para Educator of the Year award.

“It’s great to see the kids come in as freshman – awkward freshman – and then they leave as seniors, ready to face the world, with a little nudge,” Saucier said.

Another staff member, Kelly Delgavo, the director of special services, is retiring after 38 years at the school. The principal said she’s touched thousands of lives at the school.

The Unified Sports organization allows everyone to come together and have fun outside. Additionally, the Unified Theatre program is “theater for everyone,” allowing everyone to participate in skits.

Bristol Central High is the last stop on Simmon’s Education Express Tour. Take a look at the other schools that were highlighted this month at