(WTNH) – Could Adam Sandler be up for an Oscar nominee? Maybe not for a ‘Hubie’ sequel, but it’s a distinct possibility for his new movie ‘Hustle’.

‘Hustle’ is co-produced by Sandler and basketball legend Lebron James, with Sandler as the lead. He is playing a former basketball scout who travels to Spain for Bo Cruz, a guy who may be 10 feet tall, but definitely isn’t meeting the requirements to join the NBA.

Will Sandler’s character get his man and revive his once-promising career with the NBA?

Robert Duvall and Queen Latifah co-star in the film, which comes out on June 8.

‘Crimes of the Future’ is filmmaker David Cronenberg’s first sci-fi mind-bender in 20 years. Viggo Mortenson and Kristen Stewart star in this film.

Mortenson plays a performance artist whose show involves the removal and growth of organs on stage (and yes, that does mean bodily organs).

This movie has been called a fine return to form for Cronenberg.