(WTNH) – The behemoth box office continues, literally.

‘Jurassic Park: Dominion’ received good reviews from fans, especially fans of Chriss Pratt and Bryce Howard. There’s only been one thing missing for some fans in the latest film: Jeff Goldblum.

That changes in the third and final installment, as the original parkers (Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill) return. And why wouldn’t they?

After the events of the last film, dinosaurs and humans are coexisting all around the world. It’s been four years, and four more just don’t look possible. So, it’s up to the original crew to save the day against the T-Rexes.

The underwater scenes are the strongest according to some film critics, and there are nice nods to the 1993 original film, directed by Steven Spielberg.