Co-parenting is a growing trend among separated moms and dads. It’s all about setting your emotions aside to create a fulfilling life for your child.

Author of “Intermission: How Fervor, Friendships and Faith Took Me to the Second Act” and co-parenting expert Mindie Barnett share her advice.

Business Tactic #1 – Learn to Stretch

You need to learn to be reasonable and flexible – always. Avoid shifting focus onto the other parent and instead home in on what is best for your child. Shifting your eyesight to what’s in their best interest will help you become looser and learn how to give in – even if it pains you personally.

Business Tactic #2 – Take the High Road

Diplomacy is a virtue in any and all co-parenting relationships. Listen – with open ears – to the other person and remain supportive of family relationships on his/her side of the fence.

Business Tactic #3 – Trust is a Must

You have to be trustworthy. Always tell the truth to your co-parenting partner. A lie – even if it’s of the snowy-white variety – will eventually destroy the integrity of your relationship.

Business Tactic #4 – R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Civil. Respectful. Humane. All necessary to have a peaceful co-parenting existence. Take your emotions out of it. Just as you would when dealing with an unfair boss or client – speak with a smart mindset and speak with respect. Advocate for your child but do so with a breath of finesse. And if conversations just can’t maintain a proper tone – extricate yourself temporarily and revisit in a not-too-far-away time.

Business Tactic #5 – Don’t Give Up

Some days may be great and others not as pleasant. It’s constantly a work in progress. Just like in business, you’ll win, you’ll lose, and you’ll overcome. Every day is a new day and a new chance for you to protect the bond you must maintain with your co-parenting partner. Remember, the prize is your child and their happiness. And there is no price too high to pay for that!