Concerns surrounding the ‘over-sharenting’ trend

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Social media has made it easy to document every part of your child’s life, but you might need to remind yourself to think before you post. Clinical Psychologist Ryan Loss answers out questions about the concerns surrounding ‘over-sharetning.’

This goes for any age group?

It does. Granted those who are older you should plan to have a conversation with and set some family rules about what is and is not shared on social media. However, one really needs to use what one could call “common sense” parenting and be aware of what impact potential posts could have on both them and their children and what their children/adolescents would be comfortable with them posting. That is the benefit of having rules for posting. 

Why should parents take their child’s privacy into account?

It is important to take your child’s privacy into account because what is shared online you lose control of and others can take that and use it in ways you do not have control of. this can happen even when your profile is kept private. We truly don’t have full control of what is put online. 

Some questions to ask before posting: (generated by Dr. Claire McCarthy) 
1. Why are you sharing it?
2 Would you want someone to share it about you?
3. could your child be embarrassed by it now or in the future?
4. Is there anyone, anywhere, who shouldn’t see this about your child now or in the future?
5. Is this something you want to be part of your child’s digital footprint?

Why is it important to remember your child is their own person?

It is important to empower your children and adolescents to be their own person, to respect themselves and take ownership for their choices. By giving them a say in what is posted online, this contributes to building that independence and self-empowerment. 

What are some of the downsides this trend can have, short term and long term?

Some of the downsides both short and long-term are relationship impact. The relationship between the child/adolescent and their parent can be impacted by what the parent shares online. Additionally, even some parent/parent relationships can be impacted by one partner oversharing. 

Are there safety concerns?

When you post information online about your child (name, age, school, etc) you risk others you don’t know being able to gain access to them. Also certain photos that are posted can be “hijacked” and posted on other sites without your knowledge in an exploitative way. 

What information should you keep private?

I would say that in general one should keep locations, community organizations they are a part of, full names and dates of birth private. 

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