Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is in Connecticut, many are wondering if their workplace or school may require it.

Attorney Mark Sommaruga from Pullman and Comley specializes in school and employment law explains what this could look like both in schools and at your workplace.

Sommaruga says if COVID-19 vaccine could be required in CT schools: 

  • Other vaccines are already required
  • The legislature could mandate, or districts could have to decide this on their own
  • Vaccine approved for ages 16 and up, trials for kids ages 12 and up ongoing
  • The timeline would be for the fall 2021 semester at the soonest because the vaccine is not yet widely available

He also says if employers require the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Rules may be similar to what currently applies to flu vaccines:
    • Employers must make reasonable accommodations for religious objections and disabilities
    • General dislike or distrust of vaccines not sufficient for exceptions
    • Requirements may vary based on the type of employer

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