Cyber Monday security advice

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If you missed Black Friday or small business Saturday, Cyber Monday is the day to score big online. 

Frederick Scholl, associate teaching professor of cyber security and director of the cyber security program at Quinnipiac University, shares his advice for anxious shoppers.

· For any situation in which you need to submit your credit card, for banking or shopping, take the time to receive a two-factor authenticator, a second layer of security that reconfirms your identity with a user-specific code in addition to a user name and a password.  This extra step may add time, but it will make an attacker’s life more difficult and reduce the risk of fraud. 

·  When you buy a computer, set up the account as a normal user not an administrator. This will eliminate the risk of attacks.

·  Purchase a password manager. These are very inexpensive and enable the use of very long and difficult passwords.

·  Bad guys always try to attack the weakest link. If you are concerned about your home network, set up a secure firewall. 

·               Make sure your computer has a good backup and recovery system. You should have three copies of critical information: local, cloud-based and on your computer.

·               Don’t let kids play games on the same computer or phone you use for shopping and online banking. These online game sites are often entry sites for people who want to steal your personal information.

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