You might think it’s too soon to plan your New Year’s Resolutions, well think again! You’re likely to be more successful if you start working on your goals now.

Success Coach Kenneth Ferrer has some guidelines you can follow:

1. Remove “Clean-Slate” Mentality

  • Clean-slate mentality is when we put off self-improvement or responsibilities to a future, “clean-slate sounding” date like Monday. 

2. Adopt “ASAP” Mentality 

  • You prioritize your goal or resolution, and all of the processes involved with achieving it, and take action on it immediately or as soon as possible.

3. Set an outcome goal, then process goals

  • It is very important to utilize both outcome and process goals, and to understand the difference. Outcome goals are the big picture view of what we want.

4. Habit Revamp 

  • Replace habits that work against your resolution, with habits to that work for your resolution. Habits are routines or behaviors that tend to occur unconsciously, and don’t require a lot of cognitive energy. 

5. Make sure your “why” is clear and strong

  • Have a really honest conversation with yourself and ask yourself WHY you really want what you want.
  • What are the external motivators (your peers, society at large, awards etc.)?
  • Most importantly, what are the intrinsic motivators? This means, how does this tie to your values.