Dr. Patty Ann Tublin answers your questions for the holidays

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(WTNH) — From the office to the home, relationship expert Dr. Patty Ann Tublin is helping you handle life’s delicate situations.

Joni from Bethlehem:

“My husband and I own a small business together. The staff is pretty close knit, but we have a problem with one of the employees. She is the number one producer on the sales team, but her desk is overflowing with papers, empty coffee cups, and everything else. The other employees have complained in the past, and my husband and I have spoken to her about this, but nothing has changed. Any suggestions?”

Dr. Patty Ann:

1. IF she can work from home, ( and since she works in sales my guess is that she can) be prepared to speak with her about setting her up to do so.

2. Schedule a meeting with her – in a place with no interruptions.

3. Acknowledge her valuable contribution to the team 

4. Tell her you’ve noticed the hording has not changed since the last time you spoke with her & tell her that you realize she really is having a hard time with it.

5. Tell her you want her – AND the entire team to succeed- therefore, you will support her in setting up an office from her home.

6. Be firm!

Ken in Branford:

“I really can’t stand my in-laws. Help me deal with them for one more holiday dinner on Christmas!

Dr. Patty Ann:

1. Minimize the amount of direct interactions you have with them – this is true for anyone you can’t stand at any event

2. Deliberately focus your time and attention on the people you enjoy – there must be someone in your wife’s family that you like – the kids maybe?

3.We can do anything for a few hours – so suck it up.

4. Remember they must have done something right; they raised the woman you love!

Send your questions to Dr. Patty Ann Tublin of Twitter @drpattyann.

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