Dr. Patty Ann Tublin shares her Tuesday Tips of Advice when it comes to new jobs and summer camp

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(WTNH) — Relationship Expert Dr. Patty Ann Tublin is back to answer your questions for her Tuesday Tips of Advice.

Adam from New Haven:

“I’m a new college graduate who majored in Accounting. I began my first job last week. Since I work for a big accounting firm there are so many social groups I can join but I have so much to learn and so little free time. I haven’t joined any groups yet – should I?”

Dr. Patty Ann:

“Adam, Congratulations on your recent graduation and the start of what I am sure will be a very successful career. To be successful, yes, you will need to master the specific skill-sets required of your chosen profession – accounting, but mastering those skill-sets alone will not insure your success. What I suggest is that you join 1 social group- preferably one that involves an activity you enjoy. Why? Because your success – not only at your current job but throughout your career will be built upon your ability to develop genuine healthy relationships – with everyone – not just your colleagues and your managers – but literally everyone in your building. WHY? Because ALL success begins with the ability to create, nurture and sustain healthy relationships. NO matter how hard you work, no matter how smart you are, if you cannot get along with people, you will severely limit your success. So yes, go ahead and join a social work – do not let work overtake your entire life – work hard and play hard!”

Shirlee from Branford:

“My son was sent home from sleep away camp because he got into a fist fight with his bunk-mates. I was told no other campers were expelled from camp and I am furious. I’m thinking about suing the camp for discriminating against my son but my husband thinks I’m crazy. What do you think?”

Dr. Patty Ann:

“Shirlee, I definitely do NOT think you should spend your time & energy thinking about suing the camp. What you really need to do is focus on your son’s inappropriate behavior and stop worrying about what the other kids may or may have been doing – or if they were punished in any way. Sure, maybe he was not the only kid fighting – but he is YOUR only kid fighting – and that should be YOUR only concern! This is a great opportunity to emphasize appropriate behavior and the fact that life is NOT fair.”

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