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Dr. Patty Ann Tublin talks back to school troubles

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(WTNH) — Relationship Expert Dr. Patty Ann Tublin talks back to school troubles in her Tuesday Tips of Advice.

Ellen in West Haven:

There are 7 people in department and 5 of them have just announced their pending retirement. How do I make sure I don’t get all their work dumped on me?

Dr. Patty Ann:

Attitude adjustment – look at these pending retirements as an opportunity to learn new skill sets and increase your role and influence within your department.

  1. Be Pro-active and ask the soon to be retirees if they would be willing to teach you how to perform some of their current tasks and responsibilities.
  2. Simultaneously, ask your current manager if he/she would help you expand your current role – with the opportunity for a future pay increase and/or a promotion.

Ciera in Tolland:

All three of my kids are upset because they do not have any of their friends in their class this year. Since it is still very early in the school year, should I ask the school to change their classrooms?

Dr. Patty Ann:

I know you deeply love your children, however, the very LAST thing you should is ask to get your kid’s classes changed.

  1. Express empathy that you know your kids are disappointed and probably frustrated that they are not with their friends.
  2. Then, use this as an opportunity to reinforce the fact that sad as it may be – life isn’t fair.
  3. Emphasize this as an opportunity for your kids to make new friends – while maintaining their former friendships.
  4. Remind them of a previous situation where they didn’t get what they initially wanted – and it worked out for the better.

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