Dr. Patty Ann Tublin’s tips for a successful holiday at work and home

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(WTNH) — Are you unsure about how to handle holiday obligations at home or at work? Relationship expert Dr. Patty Ann Tublin answers your questions for her Tuesday Tips for Success.

Linda in Ansonia:

“My company’s holiday party is coming up next week. I don’t really feel like going because I have so much holiday stuff to do. Does it matter if I go or not?”

Dr. Patty Ann:

Linda, thank you for your question and the short answer to your question is a definitive YES! It does matter AND you should go to the office holiday party for several reasons.Although your attendance at the office holiday parties is considered to be non-mandatory, the truth of the matter is – it is not! Your absence will be noticed & can be misinterpreted in many ways, by your peers and your superiors.
Look at this party as a great opportunity to network and get to know your peers and bosses on a more personal level – in an appropriate way.

Be strategic and make sure you speak to everyone at the party who needs to know you are there.

Remember, the office holiday party is really a business gathering masquerading as a party, so act appropriately by:
dressing appropriately
eating and drinking in moderation
not boring anyone with how great your kids are

Peggy in Groton:

“My husband wants to buy our 16 year old son a brand new car for Christmas and I am absolutely opposed to this idea. Am I wrong?”

Dr. Patty Ann:

This is a great question because I’m sure many parents struggle over how much they should splurge on holiday gifts for their kids.
Have a real conversation with your husband and consider the following items by :
writing down the pros and cons of the purchase and begin the conversation with the goal of UNDERSTANDING your husband’s position, not trying to convince him of yours.

  1. Is this in the budget?
  2. Is it a safety issue?
  3. Do you have other children who can share this car in the future. In other words, would you feel differently about buying a new car if it were to be considered a “family” car for the kids -and not just your 16 year old son?

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