Fitness expert teaches us to ‘be strong like a soccer player’

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The U.S. women taking home the World Cup title is inspiring women all over the country and here in Connecticut to be strong in both body and mind.

Here to help us “be strong like a soccer player” is fitness expert and coach Nadia Murdock.

Here are some of her tips:

The mindset of a champion: From mantras to daily rituals, she shares how some of the strongest athletes get their mindset in gear when training.
● Being Persistent
● Positivity
● Having No Regrets
● Vulnerability

Strength training workouts in and outside the gym: The best part about many of these strength-training moves is that a gym is not required. Whether you are using your own body weight or set of free weights moves like push-ups, single-leg deadlifts for kickboxers will definitely challenge your strength.
● Squat workout and stretch
● Lateral Lunge
● Kickboxers (opposite knee, opposite elbow)
● Single Leg Deadlift
● Single Leg Sprinter Jump

Gratitude leads to results: Simple daily practices can help improve your performance and help you reach your highest potential. She can explain how writing down what you are thankful for demonstrating a kind deed can really transform you as a person and an athlete.

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