(WTNH)– Friendships don’t just bring us joy, but they can help combat a growing health epidemic: loneliness. This is something experts say men especially need to hear.

News 8 spoke with leadership expert and partner at Fathom Brent Robertson to tell us about the Friends Matter Workshop.

A Cigna health study has identified an American “loneliness epidemic.” A National Science Foundation study found that one in four Americans said they had no one with whom they could talk about their personal troubles or triumphs.

The Health Resources and Service Administration has warned, “Loneliness is more dangerous than obesity and as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.”

The rise in loneliness has hit men the hardest and has a dramatic effect on public health, well-being, social life, and the economy.

Fathom is a West Hartford future design consultancy working with major CT companies such as Cigna and Kaman Corporation to bring about conditions for their success.
Brent is now applying Fathom’s relationship-driven approach with their business clients on an individual level to fight loneliness.

Presenting the workshop on Oct 19 with Brent will be Rev. Dr. Allen R. Hilton, Ph.D., a former Yale professor and author of “A House United – How the Church Can Save the World.”

The workshop is not religious in nature and everyone is welcome (though the focus will be on men’s loneliness). For more information, visit the site.

Here’s the information on the event:

Asylum Hill Congregational Church
814 Asylum Ave, Hartford, CT 06105

Saturday October 19th, 8:30am-12pm