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Helping parents let go of the little things

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(WTNH) — Parents often feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders, especially when the kids first go back to school. Motivational Speaker and Life Coach Althea Bates helps parents let go of the ‘little things.’

Strict Rules

Parents need to enforce rules to keep their kids in check and form boundaries, but sticking to the rules without any wiggle room is no way to go through life. If bedtime is 8 PM and the kids were well-behaved and ask to stay up ‘till 8:30 to watch a TV program, where is the harm in that? If you insist the kids eat veggies with every meal and one time you let them indulge on French fries instead, they will still be healthy. If the kids know who’s boss and abide by your rules overall, allow yourself to loosen up when the situation calls for it. If the kids take advantage, you’ll have to tighten the reins, but if they appreciate and respect your authority, you’re good to go.


So what if your kid isn’t an A+ student? If they try their best, study hard, and actually learn something, they are doing A-OK. Of course, we want to be sure our kids are getting the most out of their education, and if they need extra help, we should to do all we can to help them. However, the goal should not be acing tests. Kids go to school to learn and develop skills and gain knowledge. If your child embraces learning and is eager to go to school, you’ve done your job well, as has the teacher. Years from now, will it really matter if they got an A- or a B+ on their spelling test?

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