Memorial Day often means indulging in your favorite barbecued foods, which are not always the healthiest for you but experts say that’s okay.

Success Coach Kenneth Ferrer came to Good Morning Connecticut at 9 to help us get back on track after the holiday.

Anti-Inflammatory Week: What To Avoid

After a long weekend of indulgent eating and alcohol consumption, Ferrer says your body might be experiencing some level of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can affect the whole body. To reduce inflammation in the body he say to take a week off of alcohol and take a week off of eating inflammatory foods such as bread, processed meats, processed snack foods, trans fats, and added sugar. 

Anti-Inflammatory Week: What to Implement

Recent studies show that CBD Oil potentially reduces both acute (or localized) inflammation, and chronic inflammation. If you decide to use it, Ferrer says to pay attention to how your body responds to it. In addition, start eating anti-inflammatory foods such as berries, salmon, turmeric, and tomatoes and drink diluted tart cherry juice or a tart cherry supplement. Tart cherry has been shown to reduce inflammation. 

Shift Your Perspective: Don’t Catastrophize 

Its really common for people to have “freak-out” moments after holiday weekends, in which they feel as if they need to overcompensate in order to balance out the “damage” they did to their bodies with overindulgent eating, excessive alcohol, and reduced sleep. If you catastrophize events that are otherwise small blips of time in the grand context of your life, you can keep yourself within the frustration of the event, and make the discomfort of the event last even longer. 2-3 days of overindulgence will not harm you terribly, but letting that extend into weeks or months may put you in a tough spot. 

Shift Your Perspective: Do Practice Gratitude

Ferrer recommends shifting your perspective from the worrying about what is already done, to looking at the present as an opportunity to re-balance. Change your perspective into focusing on what you can control now, find your balance, and move forward.


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