How to start an entrepreneurship venture while working at 9 to 5 job

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If you are looking for a new challenge, like exploring an entrepreneurship venture, you might feel stuck while working your 9-5 job. Motivational Speaker and Life Coach Althea Bates helps determined dreamers break the mold.

1.Take advantage of every training that is being offered through your current job. Look for trainings in advancement that can be used a professional development training, degrees, certifications, etc.  that meets the organization’s expectations for professional development while addressing your own personal pursuits

2. Look and seek opportunities to offer your speciality skills, expertise and utilize ways to take on projects both inside your company. Accept failures and criticism while working on these projects and use them as lessons learned and what not to do for your own business. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn something new and grow the experience.

3. How are you using those 15 minute breaks and lunch hours?  Think about what it is you want to do you should be using lunch breaks to do research, read books, engage in meetings and discussions with individuals in the field you are trying to pursue.  You should know exactly what you need to get done in a given time and be sure to give enough time to get deadline accomplished.  Maximize the time you have and be intentional with your time.

4. Wonderful things come from small and humble beginnings. While working a 9-5, many of us are not prepared to walk away from our jobs right away. Start small as to not overwhelm yourself. Make sure that you set achievable and attainable goals you want to accomplish to buildup your small business.

5. Get and stay organized. You will need this skill while building and growing your business while working your 9-5. Seek and use strategies to assist you in getting and staying organized that work for you. 

6.  Establish Trusted Skilled Resources. You can’t do it all by yourself you will need help handling all the details of your business. For example, you may need help building your website to reach your potential customers if you don’t already have that skill. It’s probably not the best use of your time to learn this skill instead.

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