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In order to leave behind a legacy, you have to determine your purpose and what you are trying to accomplish in life. We spoke to motivational speaker and life coach Althea Bates about this topic on Good Morning Connecticut.

Here’s some of the advice she gave:

The legacy you leave has to do with purpose. Only once you’ve clearly defined your purpose can you decide on, and work towards, leaving a legacy. It could be a new business model, a new process, new methodology, a set of values and principles by which you do things around the workplace, an invention or innovation, transferring your skills, mentoring and motivating other employees, etc.

1. Write Down Your Purpose – There is a lot of reading on purpose, but two questions stick out for me:

A. What are you passionate about?
B. Why do you do what you do? Knowing your why gives you a filter to make choices at work and at home which will help you find greater fulfillment in everything you do.

2. Start With The End in Mind – Define what matters to you on the long term and formulate a big vision. This vision is your legacy. Every day focus on how today’s steps are getting to the end.

3. Get Out of The Weeds – Going hand in hand with the right vision is getting yourself in the right mentality as soon as possible. For an entrepreneur that means getting out of the day to day business affairs quickly. The sooner you can utilize the skills of others for help with tasks like administration, the better you will be.

4. Proselytize Your Vision – It’s not enough for an entrepreneur to talk about this or her vision or print it and frame it. You need to repeat and proselytize your vision to your team and the world so much so that you start to even annoy yourself.

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