Memorial day weekend is a big weekend for boaters and before you set sail there are some safety reminders you should be aware of.

Bradford Hyde and Bill Bowen from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary along with Maureen Johnson from the U.S. Coast Guard came to Good Morning Connecticut at 9 to talk boating safety.

Before heading out on the water, they said the first thing you should do is label your boat, your kayak or your paddleboard when heading out on the water. They have ‘if found’ stickers that can be placed right on your vessel. It gives your name, phone number, contacts and an address so if the Coast Guard finds a paddleboard or kayak floating somewhere, they know who it belongs to and who they can get in contact with. 

While setting sail, the most important thing you can do is wear your life jacket. This can help save your life if you happen to fall into the water.

Another tip, check the weather. It’s important to stay aware of what is going on with the weather, so they can be prepared while on a boat.

For more information on boating safety, you can watch the video above.