(WTNH) — Mother and son Sophronia Scott and Tain Gregory team up to write “This Child of Faith” as a message of hope, 5 years after the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

Tain Gregory was in his third grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School the day of the shooting in 2012. He lost his god brother and best friend Ben Wheeler that day. Tain’s faith is what helped him through the grieving process.

When his mother Sophronia came to him with the idea for a book, Tain thought it was a great idea and was on board from the beginning.

Sophronia and Tain wrote “This Child of Faith” to offer invaluable hope and advice to parents on how to help their children through a time of loss.

Sophronia says she and her family began their journey of faith back in 2011. She did not realize until after the tragedy how much her son leaned on God.

If parents are unsure of how to begin a spiritual journey with their children, Sophronia offers these tips:

1.) Whatever faith you practice, be consistent. Participate regularly in your faith’s worship.

2.) Talk about faith at home, either casually or through family rituals.

3.) Don’t be afraid to learn and grow along with your child. You don’t have to know everything.