Planning a summer vacation is exciting, but the packing can be a nightmare if you don’t know what to bring and what to leave behind.

Head of Merchandising for the Trunk Club, Maggie Mee, came on Good Morning Connecticut to help us win the battle of the suitcase.

Mee said 65% of travelers have a hard time packing and the only thing more stressful is getting through airport security. Mee recommends to start the process early. As you plan your trip and the activities, plan your outfits that coordinate with those activities. Use versatile items that can mix and match to create different looks to multiply your outfits. Mee said another great tip is to use accessories to change up the look. Accessories are small and easy to pack.

Mee says following a survey of two thousand travelers, a quarter of the average suitcase is left untouched.

For more tips on packing for Summer Vacation, you can watch the video above.