(WTNH) — Dr. Amy Baker, Psychology Professor at the University of New Haven, talks about what can happen when you work with the one you love.

Dr. Baker says there are advantages and disadvantages to workplace romances, even when it involved a married couple who own a business together.

Workplace romance goes beyond affairs. In fact, Dr. Baker says more than half of workers have been involved in a workplace relationship at one time in their life.

Some of the advantages include knowing what your partner’s profession requires, what is happening at the office, being able to commute together, and working the same or similar hours.

Some of the disadvantages include how uncomfortable your relationship may make other works feel. Some coworkers may see the couple as a unit and can become are uncomfortable around the couple. For the couple, it may also mean never getting away from work.

Dr. Baker says if you are in the same or similar position as the person you are involved with, many people will view the relationship as acceptable. However, if you are seeing someone at work in a higher position of power, this may not be okay.

Dr. Baker has also been part of a study that shows what has changed since the #MeToo movement. In the study, participants have been watching companies where CEOs are accused of harassment and watching the stock fall until they are fired.

Dr. Baker has noticed that people in higher positions are being fired much more quickly in light of a scandal, almost immediately. She is looking at a new questions that are popping up int he workplace, like whether or not men and women should travel together for work related events.