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(WTNH) — If you’re looking to re-organize your home in the new year, you may want to bring your attention to your fridge. Lifestyle expert Jeni Elizabeth show us how small changes can help you save money and food big time!

1. “Eat Me First” bucket. This not only helps the kids with direction (and reading!) but it saves time and money by calling attention to perfectly good food that may expire faster.

2. NO BOXES : Boxes are a complete waste of space and 99% of the time we either know how to make it, or the directions are actually printed on the plastic bag holding the food in the box! This also gives kids a job to recycle after shopping.

3.  CLIPS: Once you remove the boxes, don’t just throw the bags of food on the shelf, grab a clip and hang from the top, it saves space and leaves your shelf open for things like pizza that cannot be hung. It also makes items easier to see and stops them from being shoved to the back.

4.  Keep an “I’m out” magnet on the fridge: We all have a MILLION notes around the house, and we all think, “oh I won’t forget”…and then we do forget! Keep an erasable blank magnet on the fridge with a chalk pen and when you run out just jot down the item super quick, and you wont loose it. Snap a pic of it before running to the grocery store.

5. CLEAR CONTAINERS: Clear Tupperware saves money and time. You can easily see what it is, and the food stays fresh longer.Reusing plastic containers is also better for the environment than using foil.

6. Labels: Make a label of what is inside the container with the date you made it. In addition labeling drawers and baskets help with organization, keeping meats separated from dairy and chicken and beef causes less risk of contamination. 

6. Bag Your Batteries! : FUN FACT: Batteries have a longer lifespan if you keep them in the freezer. Remove your batteries from the boxes and make a labeled bag and store on a top shelf in the freezer. 

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