Simple movements, stretches to reduce muscle tightness and tension

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(WTNH)– As millions of Americans are quarantined at home, remembering to stretch and stay limber is more important now than ever.

Whether someone is taking up a new at-home workout routine, running for the first time, or maybe doing nothing at all, stretching is essential to take care of your body.

Lead Flexologist at StretchLab, Bonnie Strati, shows us how to reduce muscle tightness and tension and increase range of movement. 

Strati suggests these simple movements:

• Toe raises to calf raises – mobilizing feet and ankles and beginning to work the muscles of the legs – Ankle mobility. Good ankle mobility contributes to better balance, fewer falls, and better performance during activities like squats and deadlifts. 
 • Cat/Cow – from standing or hands on chair or table or bed (benefits – less pain and help lung capacity) 
• Shoulders/Chest/Back/Arms – angel wings (reduces risk of pain and better efficient movement) 
 Neck – gentle circles (better posture) 
• Bend – to pick something up utilizing everything we just went through…

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